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Thread: Moderator Review of Posts

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    Moderator Review of Posts

    Some of my posts have been briefly delayed pending moderator review but not all. I tried to find guidelines for this with search but, obviously, did not use the right words. What causes a post to be flagged like this and how long will it last?

    ETA the word "briefly". The Mods have always responded in just a short time and I don't want to throw any condemnation their way.
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    It's still a mystery to all of us what trips our spam-bot But from what i can tell, heavily formatted posts, external links (as you recently had one), inserted emojis/images, etc. These all end up in the spam trap more often than others, but also they're not the only ones. Sorry i can't be more specific, but that's pretty much all the info we can give.
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    Thanks, Dread. Glad to know it's not something I am doing wrong. Barb

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    No...not just you!

    I too have been waylaid by those pesky ended up being some of the emojis from the site I pull them from. Think it was the size of some of them.
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    I’ve rescued admin posts out of review before.

    Pretty sure Bess and Dread have both rescued mine.

    Spam bot gets hungry sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Pretty sure Bess mentioned it doesn't like the 'at' symbol either .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJK14 View Post
    Thanks, Dread. Glad to know it's not something I am doing wrong. Barb
    What seems to help, btw, is if you post pure text first, with saving, and add your "extras" as a next Edit-step.
    The edits go to Mod-queue much less often, at least in my experience.

    That's f.e. how I did the Intro-Text in the Introduce-yourself-thread (if you remember), which has a LOT of links, which I simply added in a 2nd step, w/o any problems.
    Unlike Twilight, I didn't have sent anything to Mod-queue for the external smileys. (I like emojis in posts, as a foreigner, I don't have a feeling for the tone of a text in your language.)
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