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Thread: Dynamite & Mining Potion (2 topics)

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    Dynamite & Mining Potion (2 topics)

    I love dynamite. It's a terriffic tool to blow away a horizontal row. But oh how I wish I could rotate it vertically as well.
    Dual directional dynamite would be so awesome.

    I used your mining potion recently and didn't care for it. For one, it doesn't illuminate the coins. Please indulge me: I save up mining tools until I have hundreds and hundreds of them. A great hulking mass that takes weeks/months to accumulate. Using your potion I blew through every last one in about 20 minutes. And that was it...all those gems and still tons of time (23hours 40 mins) left on the clock. All gone to waste because no way I can get more supplies together in one day. So I felt it was a waste of gems and I will not use it again. Unless you offer a buying option of an hour at at time for less gems. That I think it would be useful.

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    I like the mining boost for completing my regatta mineral tasks. I would like it even better if the duration was as well 2 days

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