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Thread: Team internationale problems

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    Team internationale problems

    I would like if it would be possible to translate text inside the teamchat. I use google translate...but it is very difficult because i cant cut and paste the text from the chat into Google translate. Isnt it possible to fix that problem? I would really like to talk to all teammembers in the regatta. Thanks

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    I have been wondering about that too. I personally speak and write several languages (some better than others) so I bridge in my co-op between Portuguese speaking players and English speakers.

    This is not the only game I am playing and several others do offer automatic chat translations, with various accuracy. One game even allows you to get game bonus items when you help with correcting faulty translations and your corrections are approved.

    I guess it depends on which engines are available to the developers. And what licensing costs are involved, if any.

    Another game uses "Chat translation by Microsoft Translator" and besides allowing you to specify your preferred language you can choose to which language you want the chat translated, or turn display of translations off...

    Translated messages are usually flagged with an icon, which allows you to switch to the original message if clarification is required, or you think the translator failed.

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