Hi all! Well we finally made it to gold league! After weeks of trying, and then finally asking someone to leave, (because she just couldn’t do more then 4-5 task in a single week, which I felt bad about doing) we made it to gold.

And then we got our butts kicked, lol.

We are going to take a week or two off and regroup cause all of us spent a lot of T-cash just to come in last, lol. I know part of it is one of our members doesn’t complete her task as fast as the rest of us, she completes them all, just slower then us, and we all decided not to buy the last extra task. (4 player co-op)

When we do make it to gold again I think one of the things we are going to do, is to start racing about 24 hours after it has started already, someone here in the forums suggested that when I inquired about something else a few weeks back. They suggested it to try and get matched up with teams that don’t spend a lot of T-cash.

But the reason for this post is to find out if any of the co-op’s here reading this has ever come in first in gold league with out spending T-cash, or a very minimal amount.

Thanks for reading and happy sailing to all!!