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Thread: Multiple Tasks during Seasonal and Interseasonal Races

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    Multiple Tasks during Seasonal and Interseasonal Races

    Why can we not have the option to select multiple tasks during the Seasonal and Interseasonal Races? For example, while I'm waiting for ships to return, I could also be feeding animals. Or, while waiting on the trains or plane to return, I could be filling helicopter orders or "Hot" items at the zoo.

    It would be up to each player to decide to do this. It would be flexible and optional.

    I've discussed this with others in my co-op and they like the idea also.

    Please, please, please consider this.

    Thank you.

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    Hi SSF, welcome to the forum .

    I have seen this suggestion a few times on the forum. For the most recent thread see link below:

    New IDEA for ReGatta, 2 TASKS at A TIME

    I agree with Ash' reply there as to why it 'probably' (my word) won't happen. Though you are definitely not alone in wanting this .

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