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Thread: How to get more saws to expand land?

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    How to get more saws to expand land?


    I've been playing township for quite a few months now and have noticed you hardly get any saws coming in on the trains, is there anyway you can get more so I can expand my land a lot quicker as this is mainly the item I have to wait for.


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    Hi Poolesville. If you haven't already done so, it's good to make lots of ingots to use at the Academy of Industry, to reduce the time your trains take to arrive. You can cut the time by 50% altogether. Meaning you will be able receive lots more materials. Sending your planes also give the potential to acquire saws. The HOL also gives saws sometimes in the chests. Regatta is also another good place to win saws.

    You get one free balloon with a chest day which may occasionally give saws as well. Personally I never pay Tcash to open the other balloons or chests. Chests in the mine are another source.

    All of these are random, with no guarantees., but by increasing opportunities to get them, should help. As with most things in Township though, we are inevitably left waiting for a certain building material to expand and grow our town .

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    ITA with the previous poster.

    Also, I've noticed in my town, saws will always be the last thing I'm waiting for to expand land. I finish getting the required shovels , then all the hatchets, then the shovels reach the number I need.

    Persistence is key.

    I'm level 108 and still have many land plots to block because even with running trains 9-12 a day, it takes awhile to get what I need.

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