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Thread: Mining event

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    Mining event

    Hey guys!

    Excited about the brand new mining event?

    Post your thoughts here!
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    For every meter, we get one point.

    After the first seven meters we've reached out first personal goal, and are rewarded with a bunch of mining tools.

    Are there other personal rewards?

    Are points awarded for finding artifacts? Or ore?

    Is the goal of this game to just go straight down the farthest?

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    Will be interested to see if trains start bringing more tools than usual during the event, otherwise not my cupa tea - happy for those that like mining though.

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    Yes, I agree that the trains need to bring more tools during the event.

    I had saved up about a week's worth of tools the train brought, but have already run through all of the several hundred pick axes, hundred tnt, and most of the hundred dynamite.

    The event won't be any fun if I have no tools to participate. And I'm not buying them.

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    While I enjoy mining, looking at how high some of my competitors scores are after I have just started. I will not be able to place high in this event. So I am just going to amble along and see how I do. Also I intend to keep necessary mining tools for next regatta.

    TBH I find the event being just about the distance a bit boring. I refuse to ignore ore and gems in order to travel further down my mine with less tools. I am really interested to see how far my competitors get though .

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    Downtown, I totally agree!

    I have a See The Light mining booster on because I knew I was going to burn through all my tools, and I at least wanted to get the ore and artifacts.

    I think it's strange that we do not earn points for finding ore, clay, and artifacts. There is less challenge in simply mining down, then there is to dig up treasure.

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    In addition to the transport event, this mining event is intended to fill the gap between our other events.
    I mainly do mining as a Regatta task and I had a lot of it including Suprise tasks this week. So I won't participate this time

    If next time this Event starts at the beginning of the Sailing Week, it is more likely that I will join in.

    A dark brown suspicion for an upcoming third variant of these 'interim' events?

    Filling Zoo orders ...

    Just a thought. Not even a rumor

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    I save my mining tools and really only mine during regatta tasks. And this regatta round is mining heavy so I won't be competitive this time. Maybe next time, although I agree that digging straight down is boring and wasteful and I would definitely collect all the available ore and goodies on my way down. So I would need a huge stockpile of mining tools.

    Perhaps it is set up to count depth only because it is the only equal element from player to player? If the ore and other goodies are scattered randomly throughout the mines would it be "unfair" to count other elements as possible score items? Just a thought.

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    Mining competition

    How are points calculated in the new mining competition? There is no explanations in the game. Please advise. Thx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinada View Post
    How are points calculated in the new mining competition? There is no explanations in the game. Please advise. Thx.

    Your points increase by +1 with each step you go down the mine. Every time you clear a row or a tile and the window scrolls down, you advance. For reference you can use the counter on the right side, which tells you how deep you've mined so far - that one changes the same way.
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