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Thread: island in the middle of the sea

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    island in the middle of the sea

    Hi developer, i have a little ideas for our town , in the ocean we have an island.It's a waste if it's just a decoration .If we have a tunnel, then we would have a mountain or a forest.we can use it to grow the city by doing activities like picking mushrooms, taro, flowers and berries, gingseng,. I saw the left corner where the old man fishing. We can let players emulate a rare fish to chage the goods in town .The game will be more interesting .Thanks for reading my suggestion.

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    I agree or ANYTHING along that path of ideas

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    Great Idea. We need to be able to utilize this Island. Have themed holiday event parties there or something!! I'd like to be able to use the Island to decorate for different holidays. We could learn about others around the world by being able to visit them!

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