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Thread: Replacing an inactive Co-Op Leader

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    Replacing an inactive Co-Op Leader

    I'm in a co op where many of us do our share of the regatta's and we love our group the only problem is our leader has been AWOL for weeks now and we should have some kind of feature in the game to replace an inactive leader assuming the majority of the co op feels the same way or they've gone over a certain time frame without logging in.

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    This is Playrix's response in this case. Which means, unfortunately, the only option available is to create a new co-op.

    If you do decide to create a new co-op take the following into consideration:

    - make sure you are friends with those that want to make the move
    - when deciding a name research it to see how many are out there...too many will make it hard to find. so make it unique
    - decide what your emblem is going to be (color, frame, picture)
    - let your team know what you have come up with
    - leave current co-op and set the other up
    - send invites

    I know I may have forgot something...but someone will fill in the gaps

    Good luck!

    (if you are able to get a hold of the leader...they can promote someone to leader. if they leave...the system will automatically select the leader.)
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    How do you decide on an emblem before hand? How do you see what is available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel Ward View Post
    How do you decide on an emblem before hand? How do you see what is available?
    The emblem and colors are changed using the "edit" (pen/pencil icon) inside the co-op building itself. You can look at all the choices. Plus you can change it anytime you feel like it, unlike the co-op name the emblem and colors are not set in stone.

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