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Thread: Regatta deleted tasks

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    Regatta deleted tasks

    Hi there,

    I need some clarification regarding regatta race. We are currently in the Golden League. Some information I read in Fandom about having a good strategy to race well. One of the strategy is to only complete 135 points tasks and delete all lower points tasks. However, I also read information here about deleting tasks will cost penalties. It seems there are conflicting messages. Should teams on Golden League be deleting lower point tasks or should we not deleting any tasks on the board? Thanks!

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    The deduction for deleted tasks only applies to calculation of global leaderboard standings.

    There is no similar calculation or deduction for determining individual race results. The coop point score is simply the sum of the points for all the tasks your coop racers completed during this race.

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    Thank you for the clarification. In other words if we are not on the Global Leaders Board, we don’t have to worry about deleting tasks before starting it. What about dumped tasks? How much points does it effect the coop for dumping tasks in the tace?

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    Unless you are on, or aiming for, the global leaderboard, you can dump/delete as many tasks as you like either before or during the race, as long as those tasks have not been started, and it will not affect your points. If someone dumps a task after they have started it your co-op won't get any points for it, but it will still count towards the total number of tasks that that player is allowed to do.

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    Got it. Thanks!

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