hi fishdom friends,

my friend cheated in fishdom but she doesn't want to use any of the online features, she only cheats for herself to learn about game programming and stuff. the game rightly tagged her as a cheater and doesn't let her join teams, which is a good thing!

but she says that even though the game says "our system flagged your in-game activity as suspicious", so it knows she's a cheater, it still lets her join and compete in the leagues against other non-cheaters! she also said she noticed some other apparent cheaters in the leagues that have flagged accounts, which is unfair to non-cheaters because it takes away the top three spots from them.

currently she just plays the game in airplane mode because she doesn't want to join the leagues, but it would be great if cheaters in this game were also barred from leagues, it seems like an oversight that they are allowed! and it would also make it more convenient for my friend who wouldn't have to worry about accidentally taking spots away from other players.