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Thread: Helping Hands - Am I earning a Tcash or spending a Tcash?

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    Helping Hands - Am I earning a Tcash or spending a Tcash?

    At first glance I thought it was going to be a way to earn tcash easily, but when I went to fill a train car, I had the option of using goods from my barn or there was another box there with a Tcash in it.

    I would have liked more clear instructions. Is this just a way to spend tcash?
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    Looks like it. Seems to be another way to deplete your Tcash so that you'll buy more.

    I don't like the position of the button that lets you spend cash to fill a help request. It's in the place where you are most likely to click by mistake or in a hurry. I have to really take care not to accidentally spend cash. Clever greedy Playrix

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    I have just tried this out, I understood that I would be EARNING a T cash for helping out a friend, however when I clicked on the Tcash box, it took a T cash from me 😐. So its just another way to spend your tcash and for Playrix to earn more from people buying tcash off them. . And there I was thinking that Playrix was actually doing something nice for us players for a change, after the unhappy week we just had.....

    They need to get rid of that wording they are using " help your friends practically for free " .What's that all about ?

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    Hi Me Me Big just cost me one T to help a friend..really?, oh I gotta be missing something here, I’ve been helping for 5 and half years for free, why would I start paying to help now for 2 plus days? Lol I would really like to know what I’m missing with this look. Lol
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    I would like clarification on this also. The explanation seems like we will gain T-cash, the action takes away T-cash. Is it filling the crate for $1 and leaving our inventory alone?????

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    Seems to me that it's an alternative way to buy a clover. (That is if you still receive a clover for helping this way - I haven't tried it out). If you don't have the products to help someone out, you can spend one T-cash to fill their crate. I'm guessing that quite a few people will press the wrong button by mistake, especially if the game doesn't give instructions in their native language.

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    Looks like a way to fill a crate if you don't have stuff in stock.

    My advice...make sure you have it set so you get a warning before spending T cash, or this could get expensive.

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    Rip off - again

    Why should I pay to do something I can do for free.

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    Just tried it and it seemed to leave my inventory alone.
    I too thought, yippee earn TC for helping.
    On the other hand, fill coupons are hard to come by, so this should help people earn some clover. The usual price for filling crates/zoo orders of items that we don't have enough stored of is astronomical, so 1tc is very cheap by comparison.

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    Effectively helping hands is one Tcash = I clover. Difficult to see the benefit unless you are really struggling to fill crates in the regatta.

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