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Thread: Make boat path

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    Make boat path

    It would be fun if we could create a path for boats to travel on to (1) give people motivation to have more bodies of water in their towns, and (2) make the waters more exciting with movement.

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    GREAT Idea!!! I have thought about an Intercoastal Waterway, Lakes, River To the Ocean Etc. Too!!! Until this item is no longer a Wish I have an idea for you... I think ideas & opinions are treated the same, so I promise not to have a complete meltdown if you laugh at it/ me, hate it OR whatever 😎 I made my own River through my TOWN and it may look crappy to others but they are not the mayor of MY TOWN! πŸ˜‰ I used the Free Editing tools for my sandy beach and grassy areas.... SO WHY NOT try the water option?!?!? It took a bit to get it good enough for me until I had time to tweak it but, I'M pretty happy about it and I got to see that if water is large enough for a boat that boat Will Rock and Roll with the water movement!

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    Hey BKNBLK13, Do I hear someone saying Rock and LOL? If you noticed my signature you know why it sounds the same in my ears
    IMG_20190903_002414.jpg IMG_20190903_002436.jpg IMG_20190903_002354.jpg
    And you certainly not the only one with water streaming through your Town so if someone would laugh it would be on mine too

    Adir, Welcome to the Forum and what a wonderful idea you brought us! Boats following the stream of our rivers!
    Of course we have the old Fisherman in his boat and recently the Surfing guy on the Ocean. But the Floating Buoys on the border of the Ocean keeps them out of our Town waters. And there is the Diving guy that waves Hello from time to time. The buoys don't seam to matter to him because he is not only in the Ocean but also near waterfall.
    So it must certainly be possible to add more traffic on the water in our Towns.
    So I am in for this idea!

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    πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ₯that's great!!!🎹🎸🎼

    i do love my music!!! Rock mostly & all the rest have been & still are the best therapy in my life!!!

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