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Thread: Sudden influx of regatta members

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    Sudden influx of regatta members

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum but not Township. I'm after advice really. I had a great little co-op just 2 of us and we were doing ok, yes it was an open co-op,suddenly I have 30 new members all piling in. It started with 1 newbie, who to be fair has helped in this last regatta, however since this, boom, a few have left after I said no freeloaders and have now changed the regatta settings. What I have noticed is this player is only on level 7, yet the lowest member level is 19, they also have a lot of buildings for someone claiming to be on level 7, are they scamming me and the game? HELP

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    Level 7 cannot join a co-op, you must be level 19 to unlock the co-op building.

    Can you screenshot them in your co-op member list and post it here?

    One of two things has happened. Either there’s a small game glitch showing them to be level 7 when they’re actually significantly higher, or, they’ve illegally altered their game to enable themselves to do things outside the fair rules of play.

    If it is the latter, don’t worry, it won’t affect you or your team mates. The worst that will happen is (if they race) they get banned mid-race and you’ll lose their points, possibly demoting your team.

    As for randoms joining your co-op, I see you’ve already changed the settings, so that’s good. Now you can either allow those to stay, or, kick them all out. If you’re going to kick them though, do it today so they have time to find a new co-op to race with.
    It might be nicer to send a co-op email, or post in chat, that you never intended to have such a big team and you’d appreciate it if those extra people could leave.
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    If they're only level 7 yet in a coop then you're right, of course, they definitely shouldn't be there. Whether they're cheating or it's an error, I couldn't say for certain, but if it were my coop I'd treat it with the highest level of suspicion and they'd be leaving on the end of my boot. Whether you choose to report them to Playrix or not is another decision to make. You might consider changing your coop setting to By Request if you do kick them, though whether they could/would somehow bypass that as well as the level restriction and rejoin you to make mischief is another unknown. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    ETA, sorry Vader, didn't see you there..

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    Thank you for the advice, I have reported them to the developers, so we'll se what they say.

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    So my dodgy players level has just increased to level 29, does that mean it has been sorted out by the developers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodyville View Post
    So my dodgy players level has just increased to level 29, does that mean it has been sorted out by the developers?
    Not necessarily, but you'll likely never know unless Support choose to explain it to you when they reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodyville View Post
    So my dodgy players level has just increased to level 29, does that mean it has been sorted out by the developers?
    lol, not necessarily (maybe just a synch'ing) - nonetheless quite a jump. Isn't it possible to ask them harmlessly in chat, just as something you noticed and are amazed about - which is true, after all? (also, how they came in with lvl 7 at all)

    For Playrix' actions, I would wait for their answer to your report
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    Thank you all for your help. Yes it is a jump and the person in question also changed their name??? I did ask them about the level jump but they were too busy to tell me, so I get their explanation tonight. I have a feeling it might have a slight smell of poop. We shall see.

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    You’re very tolerant Woodyville, if you’re not happy with a player boot them out. And if you were happier before with a smaller co op you don’t have to have the other players who have piled in either. What do your other long term players think? Go with what you’re comfortable with.
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    Thank you Stella, maybe I am, I like to give players the opportunity to prove themselves, it's hard at the start, I give them a day or two to show me if they can help. There was only myself and another player in our co-op, there was 3, but the other player has stopped playing, not sure if they can get back into the game, anyway, my co-leader is also sceptical. So, we'll see.

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