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Thread: Jungle Quest Issues...

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    Jungle Quest Issues...

    So there are several issues... First is how long it takes to get all of the ingredients for the fuel. Some items take literally a day or more to get! That is ridiculous! Second, is how long it takes to prepare all of the ingredients for the fuel. Many ingredients take hours to make and if you take into account that there are ongoing tasks to complete for the regatta, plane, and zoo, and factories are already pre-loaded for those tasks, jungle quest stuff can also take up to a day for a single load! That's just crazy! Then when you have all of the ingredients ready, you still have to load everything up and wait another 30 minutes for the fuel. If you're lucky, all of that work will give you a single bucket of fuel, which may or may not be enough for a single ride, because buckets come in 2 and 3 T-gallons. That is NOT fun! Thirdly, the same amount of fuel gets used somehow for the long rides and for the short rides where you only get 1/3 or 1/4 of the points! Additionally, on many routes you get moving hills when it's hard enough to ride as it is and if you fall off, you need to pay 3 to 6 T-bucks! That is NOT cool or fun in any way! T-Cash is VERY hard to earn in game and wasting it on a fall is lame! Most definitely the players shouldn't be charged so much! And if a player pays to open a treasure chest it should contain substantial prizes (T-Cash, coins, precious stones, and ingots), NOT 1 or 2 TNT's, or something along those lines! And btw, if you fall your fuel shouldn't get used, since you didn't cover the distance and there are no point earned, like it does now. It just makes all of the work and time you put in, go to waste completely and it just sucks!

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    I've never been a fan of the Jungle Quest event.

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    I don't love this minigame. I only play until my personal goals are finished and I have those rewards.

    It's a choice to use tcash to continue after your jeep falls. Also a choice to open chests with tcash when offered. I don't do either.

    I've had a few runs with this game where it will suddenly stutter, making it difficult to land the road on the next cliff. That lag usually make my road overshoot the cliff.

    I'm not a fan of the chests stopping game play. Then after I decline to open it, the jeep finishes a little bit of driving before I'm supposed to make the road to the next cliff. If I forget to let it make the last tiny bit of driving on the cliff I'm already on, the new road will start then stutter, and I will not land the road correctly.

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    They should give at least 3 life’s for each ride. I agree it’s hard enough to make fuel let alone falling off the cliff and die right away unless you use town cash for a second life.

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    I like the game, yep I have fallen all I do is " I can see my house from here" when I am falling. Second OMG ppl don't pay for the chest!!!! It is a suckers game of chance!

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    I don't love this one, either. I like the jumping events better, and that's not saying a lot. I also tend to avoid events that require a ridiculous amount of materials to play.

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    I don't like this game for all the same reasons listed here, I do think the tape measure lasts longer than before. hope need for seeds is a better event

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