Hello all! So.... since the last update the graphics went all wonky on my dinosaur of a tablet (tabeo e2). I have my game through amazon app. The tabeo o.s. is android....
I decided better get a new tablet, and received my new amazon fire hd8 a few days ago. I was sooooo excited! Until... i plugged in my Amazon info and downloaded Township and did the tutorial. The levels just kept going with no sign of my old town in sight.
I sent a help request from a link i found in this forum, and as instructed, also did the same in game on the new fire hd8. I cannot send an in game help request on the old tablet for some reason. I have a convo id #.
Now that those bases are covered.... a few questions... 1. Can my old game be transferred to my new device manually by one of the wonderful and helpful staff at playrix?
2. Is the only way to transfer my town to the new device is to have Facebook (which i don't have, and don't really want to get if I dont have to)?
3. Since ive already sent help request and have a convo id number, is it better now to stop playing on both towns and wait until I hear from Playrix?

I apologize for possibly being a "pain". I am very technically challenged and dont want to mess this up. Many thanks in advance!