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Thread: Regatta Glitch?

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    Regatta Glitch?

    Hi everyone I have problem with some sort of glitch in this week regatta. Finished first and now I’m second from today and the coop on first place have done 17 tasks how is this possible. I have screenshots to show you what is wrong with the game.
    I can’t upload pics with this post.
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    Can u show screenshot

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    It is possible if in that coop there r 2 or more members they can finish 17 or more tasks
    If ur not racing solo

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    I am the only person doing regatta and I have screenshots to show you but can’t upload them

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    Hi Renar, are you absolutely certain you don’t have another coop member marked as Racing by accident, so the game doesn’t realise you’re alone? Assuming that’s not the issue, you should take a look at the sticky thread about how to contact Customer Support within the game (for your platform). You’ll find the threads at the top of this Troubles and Solutions section. Contacting Playrix that way will allow them to see the technical data from you and your competitors. Do include as many screenshots as possible in your initial complaint, and include images that won’t be there to see any more after race end in case it doesn’t get resolved while that information is still there for Support to examine. You may have to reiterate your question a few times, and keep responding that the automated advice was unhelpful, but you should eventually get to a person who can help. Good luck!

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    I am sure I am the only person racing and done 16 x 135 = 2160 first position since Tuesday night and all of a sudden today checked and this coop with a single member jumped on first position with score 2295 that’s 17 tasks how is this possible I am shocked.

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    We have the opposite problem. Two of us racing, both with the max 2160 points, but our race total is only 4185. Perhaps your 17 task co-op stole our points!

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    I have contacted support and sent screenshots will wait and see what they are going to do about this glitch hope to get my first place again. Thanks for your help and comments guys
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    We have had this happen to us before with an impossible score and it was never explained how it can happen. It’s a glitch and customer support will not get back to you before the end of regatta. This week we have 7 players racing with a perfect score of 2160 each x 7=15,120 but somehow we are short one task. All of our players have 2160 but the score shows 14,985. We have been done since early Friday morning and we currently are in first but 2nd is not that far behind us and will take first place away from us just because there is a glitch in this game. I have submitted a ticket and we wait. See the attached pictures.6ECE77B3-AABF-4D90-8150-E24E35A004AC.jpg5AB01EB9-D2E6-451C-9F9E-3D815008A5E0.jpg
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    We have had a problem this week too.
    Four members in our coop, all completed 16 tasks at 135, and that can be clearly seen on the stats page. Our race total was correct when we finished (in 1st place) But a few hours later one task had disappeared from the race total.
    We have contacted support, but so far only one of us has received a reply, and that gave us no explanation or help...

    We finished in 9th place
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