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Thread: anoying birdsound

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    anoying birdsound

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this so a sorry in advance if it is

    since today there is a very distinct and in short intervals sounding bird voice/song which is very, very anoying

    and even after turning down the volume (I play without the ingame music) it still is overly loud and anoying and kills my joy to play this game because I do love the other sounds and the quiet chirping in the background

    so my wish is that the team from Township get rid of this ungodly noise so I can play the game in peace

    PLEASE ...

    Greetings from Germany

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    Hi Verena! I don't hear it - I wonder if it's bring generated by something specific in your town? Perhaps something you just placed in the area you tend to hang out? I mostly hear water in mine, because I have a lot of it. Does the sound go away if you move elsewhere?

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    hello and sorry for my late reply

    oddly the bird sound has vanished this morning (its 7:30 AM were I live) it kinda drove me nuts last night and I made sure it came from the tablet while playing and not from the wildlife outside. maybe it was a little bug or a hickup from my tablet (fire tablet) which increased one of the birdsounds in volume but it is gone now ... thank god.

    Thank you for your fast reply

    I wish you a nice weekend and happy playing

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    Oh, I didn't mean hang out physically - I meant the position in your town. Like, when I 'hover' over water, I hear water. When I'm nearer my farm, I hear birdsong, etc.

    Anyway, it's gone now so it doesn't matter. Happy gaming to you too!

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    I do know which sounds you mean and I find them rather sweet as long as they stay in the background ... however ... I did find out now that the enhancing volume of one particular birdsound is a quirk from my tablet because it happend again ... it does stop when I turn of the game and restart the tablet. Usually I play a little bit and let my tablet go into standby with the game still running. it happens that after a some time my tablet gets really slow when I go back to the game (waking up the tablet) and it is then when I can hear the one bird overly loud in the background.

    it is gone after a restart of the tablet though

    so ... all is well with the game

    I realy do like it when the backround sound changes depending in wich area you are at.

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