I play all the Playrix games. Sometimes I don't like the changes in the updates but since the most recent update in Gardenscapes the game has actually been buggy in a couple of ways.

1. I can't "esc" out of the game anymore like I do all of the othersand have to just click the red "x" in the corner of my safari so maybe it's not closing properly. I usually press esc to get the settings box to pop up and then select exit game button and confirm yes, I want to close the game. Now esc does nothing.

2. Often the icon in the lower right corner which displays the level and difficulty of said level now no longer reflects the level number although it still shows the color and pattern reflecting difficulty. This is not constant since the update - it just happens sometimes.

I've never had any bugs with GScapes before. I play on a Macbook. Thanks for looking into this!