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    Level 482

    Hi there,

    Is anyone else finding ALevel 482 impossible to achieve with only 15 moves. You tube tutorials seem to have way more moves to complete this level. Any ideas?

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    Hi there!

    Unfortunately, this is bug that appeared after the update. We're working on it right now and will fix it by tomorrow. If you'd like to be compensated for your troubles, please contact our support team. Thanks for sharing!

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    I'm experiencing the same and also saw videos in youtube where there are 35 movements. I thought it was extrange

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    ONLY 14 MOVES TO COMPLETE??? I might as well quit playing this game now because that will never happen!!! Last comment in this thread was in 2017 saying they are trying to work out the bug!!!
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    The level appears to have changed from the level 482 walk-through videos you see on you-tube. Instead of extra play caps off the sides of the game, there are now 4 gas cylinders with walls of honey between them and the game pieces. The gas cylinders allow only 14 moves before stopping the game. I spent about an hour of free time trying to beat this level and never did clear all of the gas cylinders in 14 moves even with a booster or 2. Also, after taking a break, (about 10 min.), to look through the you-tube videos and discovering that the level had changed, I came back to the game and found out that I had lost about 90 minutes of remaining free time. I think that I will continue to try beating this level now and then, but I am not going to be spending anywhere near the amount of time I have been playing Garden-scapes. This level is a show stopper!

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    I feel the same way, PPP. It seems impossible to get by this level. Used all my boosters, and am not going to spend any more to get more of them. It has to be a mistake to only get 14 moves. It's a shame; I really enjoyed playing!

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