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Thread: Flags/badges

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    I will not display these stupid flags, I want compensation for what I paid for the American flag that I had.
    I would like an explanation of WHY we can't have our country flags.
    With all due respect the one sentence that Anna Petrova posted does nothing to explain the reason our country flags were taken away.
    Maybe if there is some good reason I won't be so mad. But right now I'm very unhappy with this.😡😡

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy's View Post
    Wow. I can't believe what kind of attitude this company is showing.

    It already is a nuisance that they are permanently changing PURCHASED decos to their taste,
    and aside everyone's personal meaning of flags displayed in personally designed towns -
    it is time to talk about pure business:

    I had 8 National Flags all around my town (6 of them installed just a few days ago).
    One flag requires 6 Topas, valued 10 TCash each, plus 4 Rubies, valued 30 TCash each.
    That means, one flag is a counter-value of 180 TCash.

    So in summary I spent 48 Topas + 32 Rubies for my 8 NATIONAL FLAGS,
    worth 1440 TCash which I purchased with real money and which this Company
    simply threw to the bin. I expect them to either refund 1440 TCash or all gems!

    Sorry to say, but ... this is not only disrespecting paying customers, this factually is fraud.

    Yes, I am furious.

    Unbelievable ... My request to the "Customer Service" regarding a refund has been answered as following:

    Thank you for your message.

    As of now, there is only one flag type in Township: the Special Township flag, all country flags have been abolished.
    Township is all about friendship, family and cooperation - a unique community for people around the world. The flag has several design
    options, but you can suggest more ideas, and we will definitely consider implementing them in the future. Please note that this new feature will be introduced gradually. Some players have received it earlier, others a bit later and some are still waiting or still have old flags in the city.

    We wish you a lot of fun with your city!


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    I think everyone who has lost the flag(s) they bought should submit a support ticket asking them to remove the new flag decoration you don't want and to refund whatever you paid for the one(s) they have taken from you. Be sure to make clear that the small coin return for simply selling them is not adequate compensation for what you paid. That may get them to move past that not so helpful happy talk response.

    Also, don't accept the barn price for the jewels, because those coins cannot be used to buy replacement jewels. TS ought to be able to give jewels, but if they pretend that's too hard, they should be prepared to offer however much tcash it would take to buy them when you need one.

    Frankly, they had to know this was going to make a lot of people unhappy. They should have included a compensation bundle from the beginning.
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    When did the flags change? I bought these to represent the 4 parts of our country now find they don't fulfill that roll any more.

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    I've put the stupid flag in storage until my national flag returns. I'll also stop spending cash on the game until then too.

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    i also think we should get back the gems we paid for the flags, tempting to turn plowed fields into a flag instead.

    i understand why they wanted to go neutral on flags but not everyone wants to use or see flags in an aggressive way, i used mine to indicate where in the world i from so people would know what language to use , also as i like other country decorations it lets people know i'm from my flags country and enjoy other nations
    please return our flags, stripping a person of their nationality is the most humiliating and harmful thing you can do

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    I am telling you that I have spent lots of money but taking our flags is stealing. I will be quitting the game if mine are not returned.

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    If each flag is worth $180 tcash, I am due to be reimbursed $720 tcash!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naiara Soares Santos View Post

    Quero o modelo antigo

    I want the old model
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    Please bring back the flags!!!

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