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Thread: Flags/badges

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    Yet another decoration for storage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    It becomes heated very quickly because it falls under one of the two hot topics ... religion and politics. I don't know how an official flag of any country cannot be considered political. IMHO either EVERY official flag should be accurately depicted and presented for display or none of them should be. Otherwise how can some omitted / changed country not feel slighted or offended?
    Thanks Cody that’s exactly what I was saying and now that the flags have been changed I want what I originally bought it for not gems!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    Well, obviously, it is because the US history is full of so many famous medieval knights in armor.
    Bahahaha the least they could do is turn it stripes or a star

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    Not happy about not having my Canadian flags flying over my town and zoo!!! I paid gems for them and think those gems should be returned as I DID NOT pay for a generic flag!!!!

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    Country Flags

    The name of my town is Flag City. I had a flag for every member of my co-op's countries. WHY DID THEY DELETE THE COUNTRY FLAGS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virginia_Gardens View Post
    Thanks Cody that’s exactly what I was saying and now that the flags have been changed I want what I originally bought it for not gems!
    Agree 100%. I was going to purchase some flags at one point but never got around to it. If I had I would want full reimbursement of whatever I paid (Tcash or gems). It is lousy every time Playrix changes a deco we paid for. But a country's flag design is sacrosanct. This is a really bad move on their part to try to change them. And it's a shame that they wouldn't just provide a flag for every country that requested representation.

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    Logged into my game this morning and ooops! My country's flag was gone, replaced by some Township flag!
    WTF, I thought... and then I found this thread.
    OMG!!! What a stupid thing to do, Playrix, really!!!
    Oh, and I, too, want my gems back, 'cause I paid for my country's flag, not for this nonsense!!!

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    Imo I believe it was done because a few people probably were upset with certain Flags so to please the few they anger the many. Problem is it is so politically correct anymore that it's just getting way out of control. It's easier to please the few and easy to anger the many. I will be putting my flag in storage to.😣😖😤😡

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    I have no objection to Playrix adding new flags and decorations, but they should be additional.
    I fly my national flag with pride. To remove without permission, vandalize or destroy our flag is legally an offense.(yeah Ok, it's a game).

    We should be given the option to fly Playrix flags as well, just as we fly our state, indigenous or religious flags.

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    I also don't like the change of the flags, see that they also disappeared at the coop insignia. I actually enjoyed seeing where the people came from. My flag is now also in storage.

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