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Thread: Flags/badges

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    The only fair compensation for taking our national flags is to refund the 6 topaz plus 4 ruby gems per flag.

    For me that’s 8 flags so 48 topaz and 32 rubies

    Fair is fair.

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    I dont believe in flags...I believe we are one world. When we did have flags in the game, I did notice a beautiful trend happening. Players were displaying all flags showing an allegiance to the world. brought to mind john Lennon's song, Imagine. Let's all just get along💛🧡💜❤💚💙💖

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    I also would rather have my American flag back instead of compensation. But if there is a logical reason for this change I'm willing to listen. Playrix could go a long way to avoid all this drama by just being up front with players when they make a change like this.
    If it is just not possible to have our individual country flags back (better be a good reason) then I like the idea of a world flag or Earth flag.
    Of course that is no help for all the people who have made wonderful designs in their towns with all the different country flags.
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    Anna, thank you for responding. Can you kindly tell us what we can expect as compensation? Will that be $180 tcash for each flag? Nothing below that amount is acceptable. Even though I would much prefer my flags back as they were a vital part of my town's decor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Petrova View Post
    Hey, everyone,

    We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Your feedback is very much appreciated, I've already passed it on to our dev team.

    Kindly note that compensation for this situation will appear in your game shortly.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Hi Anna
    Ive just checked and I still haven't received any compensation. I have 4 flags in my town, will I receive compensation for each flag? How much compensation will be given per flag?

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    Few things...
    Firstly does our ruined flag need to be displayed within the town to get our compensation or is it enough to have an open support ticket?

    JJay I really like that flag design and I would even take that over any other.

    Lastly, if Playrix really does want to support unity and friendship within the game then why skip over Friendship Day. And further more there has already been suggested an amazing and beautiful idea to support these concepts within the game with the Friendship Tree! When are we going to get that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    Hey Playrix. I have a suggestion for flags to promote friendship and co-operation -

    Attachment 47325

    Are you ever going to tell us why you made this kamikaze business decision Playrix/Anna Petrova?
    I really like that JJay....if i can’t have my Canadian 🇨🇦 back, i’d be willing ro fly that one.

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    I would also happily fly JJay’s world friendship flag. It’s great....
    .... but I wouldn’t need 8 of the same flag so we would still need compensation per flag - same amount we paid in gems-

    I wonder if I would mind less if I bought them years ago, but I literally just bought them for the 8 countries I have lived in. Just 🙈
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    Anna, although we appreciate your offer, most of us paid for these flags with large amounts of ingots, others with large amounts of gems. And I suspect the compensation won't anywhere near equate to the value if my past experience of compensation from Playrix is anything to go by. I hope the Devs will reconsider this move and how much genuine upset has been caused by it across the entire community (check your Facebook post and also the petition that is circulating for the evidence of strength of feeling. I don't think, what I imagine will be a small amount of t cash will go any way to fixing this at all. Please kindly listen to your users and their needs. Surely that's at least part of running a gaming company?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindrop1936 View Post
    The only fair compensation for taking our national flags is to refund the 6 topaz plus 4 ruby gems per flag.

    For me that’s 8 flags so 48 topaz and 32 rubies

    Fair is fair.
    Many of us paid for these in ingots and have no use for gems...
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