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Thread: Flags/badges

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    10 T cash????? that was a lot less than I was expecting.

    I had 13 flags so 0.769 T cash per flag.

    Mind you some in my coop had no flags and still got the 10 T cash windfall.

    Badly done Township, badly done.
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    Add Co-op banner to flag design

    The flags have changed and there are no longer national flags, but the options that replaced them are kind of boring. Please add coop banners so we can have our coop logo flying on our flags instead of the generic flag designs to make it more personal. Thanks!

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    I am shocked that we have only been given 10 tcash as compensation. These flags cost a lot more in ingots or gems than what 10 tcash can buy you.

    I know we can still use these flags with the new patterns on them, but I only bought the flags because I wanted to proudly fly the flags that make up the nationalities of our coop.

    I have absolutely no use for these new flags, imo, they are a waste of space.

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    Can the designers come up with a modified Jolly Roger? I miss my flag......

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    Playrix, 10tcash is not acceptable!! Each country flag cost approximately $180 tcash!! I have no use for the idiotic flags you made up. I am at a lost for words that I can post here. And why did people that didn't even have flags get tcash? All you have done is add more fuel to the fire. I am still expecting full compensation!

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    It’s kind of silly that they did this. I’m from the US but was flying a Japanese flag because the park area I built was modeled after the park in Sapporo. It was an homage to a country where I have a lot of friends. So that promoted friendship better than a generic star

    Now the aesthetic is off and I’ll probably nix the flag. Perhaps playrix should offer a full refund of cash for what was spent on flags that are no longer an option

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    Obviously everyone got / will get these 10 tCash.
    The notice says it is Playrix' thanks for understanding.


    Playrix, you don't owe me that money. I didn't have flags, nor do you have my understanding in this matter.

    But as buyer:
    I'd still expect full compensation for the bought flags that were taken away to those that bought them.

    As soon as money is involved, and a purchase is taken back, it is self-evident to exchange both parts of the purchase back. And pls don't claim you wouldn't be able to find out who bought what.
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    A flat payout of 10 T cash for every player whether they had no flags or 100 flags is an insult and sadly about what I am coming to expect from Playrix recently. Just another example of how little they care about their players.

    This whole issue has left me with a bad feeling and sadly is making me reconsider my involvement with the game.

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    Paying everyone 10 tcash, regardless of whether they had no flags, 1 flag or 20 flags feels more like an insult than compensation. How is that fair?Personally, I would have been much happier with:-
    "Apologies to all our customers, but due to (insert the real reason why this was unavoidable), we are having to withdraw all the national flags from our game. We hope you understand our reasons for doing this."
    Now had Playrix posted the above all the bad feeling would have been avoided.

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    Dear Anna,

    please forward my best regards to the team, I am taking the 10 Tcash goody with pleasure and will buy some treets
    to sweeten the waiting time until I get the full refund of the 1440 TCash (resp. the 48 Topaz + 32 Rubies)
    which I spent for the 8 National Flags in my town.

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