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Thread: Zoo enclosures

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    Zoo enclosures

    I have 3 unusable enclosures. Just opened 1. I fill 12 trains a day and it's no where enough to open and use enclosures.

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    It is recommended you build 1 community building or zoo enclosure at a time. Doing more confuses the train driver and clogs your barn.
    Snow's Town

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow's town View Post
    It is recommended you build 1 community building or zoo enclosure at a time. Doing more confuses the train driver and clogs your barn.
    I am not sure this is true anymore for zoo enclosures - if it ever was, as we couldn't build several at a time with the original zoo, IIRC.
    When Playrix changed the zoo, I decided to test it, cos I don't really care for my zoo anymore.
    So I built the remaining (at that time) 6 enclosures "all together".

    I got the cards for the remaining animals relatively fast, and they're all 24 sitting in my zoo book now, since weeks.
    And the interesting thing: I got building materials with my trains just fine.
    Sometimes a bit more of this, or that, but no shortage, no endless waiting. Just as before.
    I just had to decide what to do with the materials.

    My first enclosure - the one with least materials - needs 2 x 170. That's the one I was aiming for, of course.
    Not all together or so, they were just sitting there.
    The last one was (before the anteaters) at 2 x 252 or so.

    And each time I got around 100 of two materials, I didn't have room anymore.
    Either I had to and wanted to increase my barn space, absolutely top preference for me, so had to stop these building mats for barn mats... then when I was just about to recover, Playrix had the idea of introducing new CBs again (plus houses and what not to build).
    So, switched back to town, and here we are still.

    And why should I do anything in the zoo anymore, w/o the shops or any incentive like they were.
    It doesn't matter whether my animals have an enclosure or sit in the book - I don't go there anyway anymore.

    I don't see how I would even open the "littlest" enclosure, with everything using the same materials.
    It's a different problem than the OP has, but I can only say: it doesn't get better, even if you do get the materials.
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    I did a similar experiment to _DD_ when they reduced the prices of the zoo enclosures. I have about 20 to build and so bought what I could afford...the next 8. At this point I had built the computer store so had no other need for the building materials.

    The thing is I was getting materials ok, I was still always short of one material, but as the zoo enclosures only use 2 materials each there was always one I could complete in a relatively short time. I got 3 done in the 3 weeks before I started saving for the pool hall.

    A friend of mine swears he always has 3 enclosures on the go at one time each needing a different combination of the materials, he is 40 levels behind me, but has more zoo enclosures built than I do...

    I think whatever you do it takes time and patience, but the enclosures only bring you a few T cash on completion, so why rush, you'll get there eventually.

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    oh yes, I believe it is easier with less materials (cos they need indeed only 2). That is why I mentioned the numbers, though. 170 is crazy enough, but increasing up to 2 x 252... means there is one with 2 x 185 or so, and so on. Again and again collecting endless two materials.
    Time and patience, exactly - and for what? nope, I don't have patience for senseless things. Collecting just for collecting.
    It's a pity what they did/do to the game with the big changes like this.

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    Last month I did the last 2 enclosures at once. To say my barn was a juggle was an understatement. I succeeded but would certainly not recommend it to players who have community buildings under construction too.
    Hubby has followed this advice and finds his building materials are flowing as required, with his barn manageable at the same time (level 73).
    Snow's Town

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