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Thread: Flags/badges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightrook View Post
    Surely the difference here is that first of all there was absolutely no reason for them to not just put every flag in the's only a picture... they had around half the flags of the world, why not put in the other half?

    Secondly the way they then removed those flags we had paid for with no warning, inaccurate information and initially no compensation was just rude and unnecessary.

    Surely as a mum you wouldn't give toy cars to 2 boys out of 3 and then after a while take them away with no explanation and no warning?

    Third the compensation...if you read this thread you will see 1 flag cost 6 topaz gems and 4 ruby gems....equivalent to 180 T cash. Giving 10 T cash to everyone whether they had all 97 flags or had never bought any at all isn't exactly fair. And to be frank is quite insulting.
    Nightrook, I come in peace. ������I agree with everything you said here. Surely you can see in my quote, I was using an example (hypothetical). I dont quite understand why we cant have all the flags either, my post was simply to give my opinion.

    Secondly, no i as a mom wouldn't give and then take away with no reason... or the dreaded "because i said so" response. Im was trying to explain a possible logic to Playrix 's pull on the flags

    Third the compensation... i did read the thread, although with ones as long as this, things get lost in the mix. Thank you for the enlightenment, i am currently on the floor trying to catch my breath. Im not that appreciative on those 10 TCash bucks now. Indeed quite an insult, i have 4 flags. Can only imagine how id feel if i had 10, 20,...

    By the way, if we use the word "surely" again... Can we start making Airplane jokes? (movie)������
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