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Thread: Flags/badges

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    Wow!!!! So I guess that answers my question earlier about wether I would need to have my flag displayed or an open ticket. I have a ticket and the ugly not a flag and I didn’t even get the 10 tcash! Not that it would have made me feel any better but to hear that others that never even invested in a flag to begin with where compensated is like rubbing salt in it! (Nothing against other players here) I’ve really tried to be reasonable but honestly this is a new low!

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    I am very sad about the changes to the flags. I am very proud of my flag! My father, grandfather numerous uncles all served in our military to defend our flag and freedoms of our country. I think it was awful that you took our flags away and replaced them with silly looking flags. I would really not mind had we been notified first and given the option to get our gems back instead of you taking our flags and giving us 10 tcash.
    I will be removing the silly flag from my township, it represents nothing to me!

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    Mtjwar23, my opinion exactly. This isn't the first time this has happened. The powers that be just randomly change things in the game, because they can. Like you I am proud of my nation's flag and I had relatives die defending it. Shame on the game controllers. I think politics should be lefy out of games.

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    National Flag change

    Not happy with changing the National flag. I feel that this is quite disrespectful, considering that it is part of our National identity. Bring back the originals. A disp llay of a flag should be the choice of the user. I am not alone in these opinions. Many of our team feel the same way.

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    Our national flags were replaced,I will have no other flag. I SOLD THE FLAGS THEY WERE REPLACED WITH FOR THE GOLD COINS!! I have also not collected their greenbacks because I cannot agree or comply with this replacement period!!

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    Yes, I am also unhappy with the flag change. I really liked having my country’s flag there, showing my national identity. Was really nice to see the national identities of other members.
    Please bring back the original flags!
    After all, what harm did they do?

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    Can we have a good reason from the devs as to why the identity flags were removed?

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    Agree 100%. Not Ok!

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    Yes, we want our original flags back!!


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    I ask nothing more of you Playrix ...nothing except Respect ...nothing more, nothing less....just Respect.

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