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Thread: 27.08 The Newest Update IS OUT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpricrn View Post
    Thank you Downton. Anything I can do to get my town back will take my mind off my worries. You're very kind.
    It's my pleasure. I have my fingers crossed that you will be back in your town within the next couple of days .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugrats View Post
    I am playing township on a kindle Fire and one by one certain things are not available
    I cannot help any of my friends anymore
    I am not able to participate in any tournaments
    and I do not have the option to update the app as it is no longer available in the Amazon store.
    I have got quite far in this and I think I will have to loose it. So any suggestions would be welcomed
    I am having the exact same trouble
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