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Thread: 27.08 The Newest Update IS OUT!

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    27.08 The Newest Update IS OUT!

    Hey, Townshippers!

    The newest update is now LIVE for all our iOS and Android players — YAY! 😎🌹


    🌽 Help Samuel take his crops to the farmers' market!
    🌶 Produce fuel at the temporary factory to keep your trucks running.
    🥕 Take all the trucks to the market without colliding at intersections!
    🍐 Produce temporary goods at the factories: Farmer's Handbook, Plaid Shirt, Fruit Crate, and Fruit Salad.
    😎 Enjoy 6 thematic decorations at the store and 2 new profile pictures.


    ⛵ Explore Ancient Egypt and spruce up your town with thematic decorations in a new regatta season!
    🛵 Jungle Quest: venture out on a daring expedition.
    ⛏ Compete with other mayors to see who can dig the deepest mine! Get your picks and dynamite ready!
    ✈ Take part in the Aerial Challenge and test your luck with the Prize Wheel.


    🎂 Don't miss Township's birthday on September 23! Drop by to get your gift!
    🐾 Welcome cute Anteaters into your Zoo!
    💝 New town resident, a new type of house, and a new community building Pool Hall.
    🌎 2 expansions in town and 1 in the Zoo.

    Are you guys all set for the B-day party?

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    It's out for Kindle too Anna

    ETA Yes I'm looking forward to Township Birthday , got the cake ready ...... And gifts

    Also really looking forward to Mining challenge. I love mining anyway, looking for treasure!
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    Anna -

    We got a big MacOS update today too and it seems we have the past update PLUS this new update as well? Is that correct?
    Township Gus

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    A Mini-Game using mine tools in addition to seasonal mine tools task?? Not my cup of tea, but hopefully mystery tasks will be kind and avoid the mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayS View Post
    A Mini-Game using mine tools in addition to seasonal mine tools task?? Not my cup of tea, but hopefully mystery tasks will be kind and avoid the mine.
    You know that won't happen, I've done 2 15 TNT and one 50 ore.

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    Anyone else having issues with new keyboard interfering with invite button?
    I often use the invite to chat with friends from other co-ops.
    Workaround so far is to switch to the floating keyboard once have finished typing.

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    With the recent update of the game. I now have to clear land again. And 1 of my upgrades of my factories I have to do again. Also, I don't understand why if you don't have the factory yet that the items still come up to get.

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    Update help please

    I have kindle fire am told it is android but no update available yet. I have checked if I can .a silly update but the box is grayed out. I am unable to help friends a d co-op members I get message saying they have a newer game version Any suggestions?? Thanks

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    Just did the update tonight. I'm on iOS. I had a coupon to renew the market dealer that I had been saving. Now it's gone!!! I've put a help ticket in.
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    Hello! After the update, I can play in the new regatta but have old (music ) yacht club. Does anyone have the same problem?

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