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    Announce Updates

    As i am aware - updates cannot be rolled out at the same time for all platforms, but why cant you give timeframes when the updates would be available for each platform (example: Android - ETA 2 weeks) or if not each than for Android (most popular platform in the world) at least ?

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    Baronmist, not sure this is possible, I believe the update gets sent to all platforms at once and then internal checks and procedures at the different app stores affect the final release date. Plus even android doesn't release it everywhere on the same date.

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    From our Admin,

    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Petrova View Post
    Hi guys!

    We are doing our best to release the updates for all platforms at the same time, but the app store of a certain platform can delay the release for some time and unfortunately, this is out of our control.

    Thank you for your understanding


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