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Thread: Helicopter videos

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    Helicopter videos

    This game is perfect for kids my 2 sons (7&8) love it. The videos that are played in the helicopter section to get bills are not suitable for their age, some of them have restricted content. I think you should consider adding a parental control to be able to block them.

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    Even though in my Amazon App store it states Township is "for all ages". In Playrix Terms of Use under the Minor section, follow the link below:

    Playrix Terms of Use

    It states you must be at least 16yrs old to access their websites and games.

    If you are worried about the ads though, as a work around for now you could delete an advert. This usually makes all ads disappear for at least 24hrs. It will mean they wont be able to make any free tcash or coins watching any ads, but it will remove the worry for you.

    Also there is nothing stopping you from reporting any adverts you deem inappropriate from inside the game through Customer Support. If you are unsure how to do this use the link below for instructions:

    How To Contact Township Support (iOS/Android/Kindle)

    If you are on Windows use this link below:

    How To Contact Township Support (Windows)

    Hope this helps

    And welcome to the forum Joe!

    ETA If you do contact CS it is important that you reply to the automatic response you receive, clicking no when asked if the response was helpful. This will then mean an actual CS agent will be in touch with you to offer more help. Bear in mind it can take a few days for this to happen.
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