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Thread: New IDEA for ReGatta, 2 TASKS at A TIME

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    New IDEA for ReGatta, 2 TASKS at A TIME

    First of all it's great to be able to share as a player. So, thank you. Not every one sees it that important.

    I felt while playing ReGatta co-op fest their should be an option where you can choose 2 tasks at a time.

    Because we start loosing our interest while we see oh I spended making those 12 pizzas for pizza task then because the barn got full and nobody needed it , need to sell and right after that picked airplane task where airplane need pizzas. We got money by selling but everybody even the person who have lots of time to play this lovely game would love to not waste such precious time while doing the same thing for the same benefit.

    Here I don't know if I make any sense of it. I even don't know if I able to make you understand what am trying to say.

    If team understands it and it's a good idea and able to apply it, it will be great to know.

    Thank You
    Have a great day.

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    Hi RenuJ, welcome to the forum, you have a good idea and I think you have explained it very well.

    Problem is I just can't see it happening...this would make the regatta too easy for us and I really don't believe that is the aim of the developers at all.

    Really the regatta like the rest of the game is about strategy and time management, you just need to plan for the regatta, prep items in the factories in advance so you have 6 - 8 sitting on the shelves ready for a task, do long tasks overnight or while you are offline for a while, prep one task while you are doing another so for example grow crops for a long crop task while you are making your pizzas so the crops are ready to harvest when you take the task etc.

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