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Thread: Excessive advertising of Wildscapes

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    I have the same. What puzzles me is that when I open it I get this -

    Attachment 50678

    I'm not German (or Austrian or Swiss, or any other nationality which speaks German as an official language)
    I don't live in Germany (or Austria or Switzerland, or any other country etc etc)
    And I don't have my in-game language settings set to German -

    Attachment 50685

    You would think if they want to advertise their game they could do it in the correct language

    It's a bit annoying but hopefully in a couple of days it will go away
    I'm german, my language is set to german - and I get the ad in ITALIAN ! It is a really, really annoying ad.

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    Playrix’s next marketing strategy will involve mosquitos strafing your ears and buzzing houseflies bumping your bedroom ceiling as you try to go to sleep...

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    I agree! And with the other pop-up icons on the right side too! They're not making me want to purchase anything.

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    I agree Downton, many have invested so much in the Zoo,
    the new Zoo isn't as much fun to he as the old one, however I wouldn't want to lose it completely.

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    The icon will disappear eventually.
    However threatening to delete the game will only hurt you.
    Playrix have enough players and enough income that they don't care, a shame but true.
    If everyone in this forum deleted the game, it wouldn't even put a pinhole in the above.
    I guess we just have to sit back..try to enjoy our game, and wait for that little annoyance to disappear

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    Wildscape pop up is getting really annoying. It's there everytime you return to your town from helping friends. Can we pop it's bouncy bubble already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tizzle View Post
    I just registered with your site solely to let you know how unbelievably annoying that bouncing fox is. You have ensured that I will absolutely never play wildscapes.
    Tizzle, this forum is made up of fellow players just like you, not Playrix staff. The best way to reach out directly to Playrix is in-game, as explained elsewhere in the forum. Even though you can't contact Playrix via the forum you might want to stick around. There's a lot of great information that's shared here that might enhance your Township gaming experience. Barb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    . It suggests to me that the game is not successful and they are forced to drive players of their other games mad, trying to drum up interest in Wildscapes.
    I think you’re right. If you read some of the early reviews on the App Store, Wildscapes was wildly disliked because the difficulty was too high. Many players, including myself, stopped playing because we would get stuck literally for 5 or 6 days on low levels. I wound up uninstalling it. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall and play for a few minutes then uninstall again to get the icon in TS to go away.

    Playrix also started with the false advertising for the game, like they do with their other games, to mislead people into thinking it’s a different style game.

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    I am in full agreement with your comments. If you want to pay me a $ to watch an ad, then I have a choice. This will certainly push me away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calzone View Post
    I'm german, my language is set to german - and I get the ad in ITALIAN ! It is a really, really annoying ad.
    Lol Out of curiosity I just changed my language settings to German to see what would happen, and I got the Italian ad as well. So I changed to Italian and there I found my Spanish version


    This could be a whole new game in itself - search for your own language!!! It's certainly more interesting than Wildscapes

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