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Thread: Excessive advertising of Wildscapes

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    If I don't download the game and delete the first time I see it; I am not interested in the game on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th ...56th .... time.
    So please stop it continually popping up. It is so annoying that instead of tempting me to download it you are strengthening my resolve to not even consider it, even if I was looking for a new game to play in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feadóg View Post
    Has Playrix used this asinine strategy in the past? And BTW, IMO, “effing” is about as dirty as “darn it”...I had far more colorful language going through my mind.
    i cant recall them doing this before, it's really intrusive because of the way it wobbles & reappears when you return to your town. there's enough junk on the screen already.

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    Please take off the landscapes icon. Not interested. It's aggravating to play and watch that fox all the time.

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    I agree this thing keeps intruding on my games I pay money to play even though I don't have too. If you don't stop putting this kinda of crap on the game, I'm not gonna to play. You will lose money.

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    I just registered with your site solely to let you know how unbelievably annoying that bouncing fox is. You have ensured that I will absolutely never play wildscapes.

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    I want to close the wildscapes ad FOREVER! But i don't know how!!


    This ad is annoying!!
    Tell me how to close it FOREVER!

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    It’s guaranteed that I will never look at Wildscapes, ever. This thing comes up every few minutes.

    I hate the zoo anyway so this was never going to be top of my wish list for new games.

    I just hope that since they have created this that they’ll soon be getting rid of the zoos from Township. That would be ideal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rpl View Post
    ..........I just hope that since they have created this that they’ll soon be getting rid of the zoos from Township. That would be ideal.
    Nope, not ideal for me or many others. I'm sorry you don't like your zoo, but as much as I am not a big fan of the new zoo I want to keep it. I have invested a lot of time and in game currency into mine. I know others who have now completed all buildings in their towns are looking forward to the challenge the zoo presents them as well .

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    Playrix, you've already included a "wildscapes" within Township. The Zoo. Why the heck do I need another zoo game? Hard enough to keep up with the one within this game! REMOVE THE AD!

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    👍 Here here!

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