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Thread: Excessive advertising of Wildscapes

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    Very annoying and downloading it to get rid of it is NOT a good idea. It takes up space on your device and sends message to Playrix that this is a good way to advertise! Don't reward them for annoying you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    I had read about this Wildscape annoyance before, but only started getting it today.

    It is worse than spam email or phone calls. Very bad marketing tool for Playrix. It suggests to me that the game is not successful and they are forced to drive players of their other games mad, trying to drum up interest in Wildscapes.
    Yes the bouncing red thing is really annoying. I am also getting a new wildscapes video ad guy in the copter requests. It's another one of those false advertisements that misrepresent the game as about picking the right tool to fix something with no hint it's really just another match 3 game.

    I'm not surprised if they are hurting for customers. I did download it last time because the artwork is nice, but it is really, really unbalanced. It seems odd for this one to be so badly structured since they already have two successful games that work on this same basic setup, working match 3 levels to earn points needed to perform tasks restoring the title object (home, garden, zoo).

    But in Wildscapes they make us work thru way, way too many match 3 levels before we can do much of anything. They also made the early match 3 levels too difficult from the start. In the most successful match 3 games (the ones involving a lot of sugar) they made the first 15 to 20 levels so easy I could do them with no boosters in one or two turns. I think Level 23 was the first one that needed several tries for me. In Wildscapes, they start requiring multiple tries and or boosters just a few levels in.

    They were way too eager to squeeze us into spending money for boosters to progress, yet forgot they needed to first let us progress far enough to actually care about continuing. Anyway, I deleted it within a couple days after playing way too long to still have only one animal.
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    Downton: SOP = Standard Operating Procedure where I come from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Downton: SOP = Standard Operating Procedure where I come from.
    Lol. Thank you Nana! I fixed that

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    Stop Wiĺdscapes Pop Up

    Please! It is so annoying that this pops up every time that I open my game. Do you do this until we install your new game? Just stop.

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    I agree! I saw your new game icon the first time. I'm not interested in it at this moment and it is extremely annoying to see it over and over and over. Be happy we are playing this one. Don't nag is to install another if we don't wish to do so.

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    Agreed. I will not be forced to download something else. I stop playing games that get super aggressive.

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    Has Playrix used this asinine strategy in the past? And BTW, IMO, “effing” is about as dirty as “darn it”...I had far more colorful language going through my mind.
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    If this annoyance is the way Playrix chooses to market other games then I am done playing Township.

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    They did this when the game was first released and it went away after a while, tho not soon enough for many people.

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