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Thread: More community bldg choices

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    More community bldg choices

    Could there be 2 choices of community bldg each level? Maybe like a dentist office and doctors office, an urgent care center (not hospital), a big post office and a small one (I know we have p.o.), how about a mall type structure that you could add onto. And why is there no bar? Tavern? Gin joint? How about a YMCA type bldg. A community pool? Or a larger pool with a deck for the farm lol

    2 choices one smaller, one larger

    Just a thought as I'm rearranging my town for the umpteenth time LOL

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    How about adding a community building then if you don't want it in your town, you can put it in storage without reducing your population cap. We don't need a bar in our town -- they serve alcohol in the pool hall. LOL

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