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Thread: Ship booster, how to get it.

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    Ship booster, how to get it.

    I know it’s a booster you have to win, it’s not in the lab for you to pick anytime you want to use it. My question is where can you win it? Any specific mini games that it’s a prize for, or is it just random? I’ve had one, but can’t remember where or when I got it. I really like that booster, lol.

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    You can win it as a reward in events (but it's random in which ones), win it as a regatta prize (again, random), or buy it when it's offered in the Yacht Club (and guess what, that's random too).

    That goes for any purple boosters, the chances to get one are limited.
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    Ok thanks, I kinda thought it was random, but part of me was hoping it was in specific mini events, lol

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