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Thread: Exiting Factory/Animal Production

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    Exiting Factory/Animal Production

    I am no longer able to click outside the production Que to close out of that que to go back to the town overview. You must hit the tiny x to close out. Can this be changed back to clicking anywhere outside the production que?

    Operating on IOS-iPhone 8plus

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    I am on an Android platform and have noticed this as well...very annoying. Especially when one is so used to just tapping anywhere to exit a factory, feed mills or animals.

    So I second this.

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    I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, Android version 7.0 and latest TS update, and
    I do NOT have that change/problem.

    just tested it, and I can tap anywhere outside to get out of a factory, plane or train, the mine (anything else?), as before.
    although I just noticed how often I use the X anyway, lol

    ETA: I also tested it on my much older Acer Iconia tablet, which I use as backup, so it has only Android 5.1, but newest TS version - can come out of a factory window by tapping "somewhere" outside as well.

    So, if you're sure it is permanent on your device(s), after complete shutdown of game and device,
    it might be better for you both to report it as bug from ingame, so Playrix can check for a reason.
    Good luck and much patience!
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    Same to me. Very annoying.

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