When I am selecting a crop to plant and hover over one of the available crops, a pop-up shows the number of that item that is currently in the barn (along with other useful information).

What I would like to see in addition is the number of fields that are currently planted with that crop.

This is important, especially for longer growing crops, because it may have been some time since I planted it and I forgot that I had already done so. Or when I have so many fields that they are not all visible at the same time on my screen.

The early stages of growth of some of the crops are sometimes hard to tell apart, and I might have scattered them around my field (instead of keeping all of one crop all together in a group).

Example: I have a helicopter order for 11 tomatoes. My barn currently has 5. So I need to plant another 6. Only I forgot that I already have 3 growing that I started an hour ago. So I really only need to plant another 3 fields and can plant something else in the other fields.

Optionally, you could add a green "2x" icon next to the field count if the 2x harvest bonus is active, but that is less important to me. I can be assumed to know when the lab bonus is active and do my own calculations on the crop yield as long as I know the number of fields planted.