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Thread: Goods from the Islands needs to be increased!

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    Goods from the Islands needs to be increased!

    Is anyone else having a problem keeping up with needed goods from the islands with the new zoo configuration? Now that zoo customers are asking for island goods I can't keep up with those orders, plus the island goods requested on the trains, plus the island goods being asked for from Township customers. Not to mention the helicopter! I am constantly in the red on that and have to keep buying them from the market. It doesn't seem to be synced properly. Of course the more that I run low on those goods, the more the customers ask for them. When I ask for help, often times friends can't fill them either so I can't be the only one that feels it is out of sync. Maybe one more ship, or fill the ships with more goods? I'm burning up ingots like crazy trying to get what I need!

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    I normally manage okay with my Island goods, though earlier in my game I always found it a struggle. I never sell large quantities of Island goods to the heli. Anything asking for more than 1 of any of them gets dumped regardless how much they offer.

    That being said, the more stuff they have requiring Island goods should be took into consideration. I do agree Playrix needs to think about upping quantities. Esp how many 2nd & 3rd fruit/fish is given when no Ingots or lower value ingots are used.

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    Grindle, with the amount of products needing island goods as well as the train, plane, heli, zoo requests I can never keep up, island goods and products heavy on island goods are bought from my market as soon as they show up and are one of the last things I sell to make room in my barn.

    Another thing that doesn't help is the low quantities offered by the dealer.

    I do also agree with Downton about Heli orders, 2 is my maximum on island goods. I had an order a few weeks ago for 12 peaches and 12 bananas...

    One thing to bear in mind is you can upgrade the islands for speed and the % chance of getting the second and third fruits.

    The thing that worries me is the repurcussions of adding extra boats or upping the quantity of each fruit you can receive...higher numbers needed for regatta tasks...

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