I made a town a few years ago and then stopped playing (new device, crazy life, etc.). Recently, I picked it back up--same town, just as I'd left it--and since then, I've been getting weird, foreign friends requests on Facebook. I admit to accepting a few random requests WITHIN THE GAME ONLY, never on Facebook. I did refresh the Facebook connection to the game so I could update my actual friends, but in my Township profile, I'm careful to only display a game avatar, never my Facebook picture. So now I have some questions:
-If someone is only friends with me in the game, can they find my Facebook page?
-If so, is there a way to prevent complete strangers from finding my Facebook via the game?
I'd hate to dump my in-game friend list, but it's a little unsettling to keep getting random Facebook requests from strangers in another country (and at least one for sure is Township related, because the person's profile picture was from the game). I just want to play a fun game with random people, but if that means I must expose my personal Facebook, I'm not comfortable with that at all.