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Thread: When event are over

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    When event are over

    When seasonal event are over they left undone missions in the regatta tasks board. Deleting the tasks by the yacht club members may lead to drop of point due to such rule; however, not sure about that if true or not.

    Anyway, why not deleting the mission automatically as the event ends to prevent any confusion.

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    Others have made the same complaint.

    Dumping the obsolete event tasks only costs the coop points in the Global leaderboard calculations. The placements fir the current race aren't affected by dumped tasks.

    But I agree. They need to get those tasks out of regatta at the same time they are clearing the old event stuff out if everywhere else.

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    Township developers?
    Hello ?

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    You’re more than welcome to join discussions and ask questions to other players. But please keep in mind that if you need a response from the Playrix team, you should contact our Customer Support agents directly through the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faozy Rashed View Post
    Township developers?
    Hello ?

    This forum is only for players to interact with eachother, and discuss the game. You won't find any developers here i'm afraid. If you want to get in touch directly with them, you can send a message directly from your game
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