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Thread: August 2019 Update [Android/iOS/Kindle]

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    Quote Originally Posted by KT999 View Post
    Ugh, why are the trees on undeveloped land yellow after the update? I was strategic with my expansions so some areas could stay natural and blend in but they’re ugly now!
    It is just for our Autumn Season KT999. In the Winter there will be snow on some of them. Then for Spring (I think) and Summer they will go back to green .

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    Thanks! That is reassuring.

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    What statues are the walk of fame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KT999 View Post
    Thanks! That is reassuring.
    You're welcome. Glad to put your mind at rest

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtennant77 View Post
    What statues are the walk of fame?
    Hi mtennant welcome to the forum

    You can find them in Decorations under the star tab (I have circled the tab in the pics below). There are 13 Walk of Fame Statues altogether, see pics .

    IMG_20190829_052857.jpg. IMG_20190829_052824.jpg. IMG_20190829_052748.jpg. IMG_20190829_052650.jpg
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    I noticed this too, it's very distracting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    Have you noticed a difference in the game's reaction time? (I am on a kindle too). I am noticing my game is much slower. I really have to specifically tap to clear factory shelves. Before I could just quickly swipe. And I often have a long black screen lag going from town to town (several seconds long). I don't care about the glittery effects one way or the other ... as long as they don't make my game run slower.
    It also seems like the areas I used to tap to exit have been eliminated. Like swipe with a dot on the last, can't be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by specialj501 View Post
    Update is fine, I don't like the countdown at the event calendar & the delay when collecting at factory is annoying. The sparkles are fun & the inappropriate break dancer getting a character is funny after we talked about him!
    Lol he has a character now? I haven't seen him yet, where was he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mselikeshockey View Post
    Lol he has a character now? I haven't seen him yet, where was he?
    Helicopter order

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    Found a positive change...a small thing, but when you fill a friend's zoo order if they have requested help on 2 or more orders it now goes straight to the second order. I do like that.

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