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Thread: More famous buildings in decorations

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    More famous buildings in decorations

    I notice that there are famous buildings from around the world available in decorations ie;(Empire State Building, Notre Dame, Burj Kalifa, etc). I live in Chicago, IL and my city is NOT represented at all. How about adding Willis Tower and John Hancock Center and the Chicago Water Tower to the line up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReinaB View Post
    ... my city is NOT represented at all.

    We all love seeing things from around the globe!

    But, imho, the tone of the post came just rubbed me wrong. What makes yours more special than all the other thousands of cites, towns, villages, provinces, states, countries?
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    Love this idea
    I want more building in game too

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    I don't know whether it is in the Help descriptions somewhere, but we have been told by veteran players that most of the building decorations are taken from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Probably to avoid discussions about importance of cities and countries

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    I think the other issue with this suggestion is that while I am sure those buildings all have some cultural or architectural significance, they aren't World famous, they aren't distinctive enough to be instantly recognisable so there is really no reason anyone who doesn't live in Chicago would want to pay to put them in their game.

    I'm not singling out Chicago, I live in Cornwall, UK, we have some beautiful buildings, old tin mines, Tintagel Castle, the Eden Project, I would love to have them in my town, but I realise they are not well known enough or recognisable enough for those to be included either.

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