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Thread: Asking for help

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    Asking for help

    I am a small town and after 2 months w/a population of 5600 and only 500 capasity in my barn. My question comes from having mostly planes but sometimes trains, asking for large quantities (for me that's anything over 10) of stuff. I keep limited supplies of common items and make the most of what farming land I have and what space I have. I can work at it and more often than not balance and re-balancing stock. Right this minute I have a plan asking for 3 crates of 9 each of trees. I seldom ask for help and I especially don't ask for help w/large quantities because I can't offer the same favor. Sorry - I'm a rambler - the point is - am I over thinking the "help" process? Is it OK to expect somebody has an extra 9 or more of something they don't need? Wow, this sounds soo needy - sorry again but the question is really bugging me.

    Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You would be surprise at what players can give you. Just ask and see what happens. The worst that can happen is nobody is able to help you this time and you will end up filling the request yourself.

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    Oma, Graylady is right, no harm in asking.

    For me, a request for 9 trees is great, a nice easy one for me to fill, but this of course depends on level, barn size etc.

    There is a thread you may find interesting where this issue is discussed here

    ETA fancy link thing, thanks Bess.
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    Here's a post that might interest you, Oma, even if the whole thread might be a bit much for one sitting

    ETA: sorry Ash - you beat me to it

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    Definitely ask for helps!

    In fact, ask for three per plane, one per train, and three a day at the zoo (when/if you build it).

    Asking for help gives other players the chance to earn clovers.

    Also, players with more farm plots, and larger barns will be able to fill your requests. I'm level 106, my barn is 1960. I fill plane/train/zoo requests of 9 items all day long.

    Just keep having fun. It gets easier. And keep those trains running, bringing you barn upgrade supplies.

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    Awesome - thanks everybody. I'll just get on with it and stop over-thinking. I am sooo happy to have people like you guys to bounce thoughts off. You all do good work. Be well !

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