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Thread: Unable to log into game. As it is saying the game is running on another device

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    I completely understand Leo. I do not consider reimbursement of your Tcash and gems restoration either. Unfortunately Playrix seems to be digging their heels in and pretty much saying it is. I was more giving my opinion that under these circumstances it has left the mods unable to offer more help at this point. I can't see why they won't just add the necessary funds to your account. The only thing I can think is they feel it would be like accepting liability that your town got hacked. If that is the case then it seems doubtful you will get anything.

    I really still hope you get some sort of resolution Leo

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    A few years ago, a stranger came into my home and took my purse off the counter. When they had removed anything of use to them, they dumped the purse. I don’t carry much cash and so they got less than $20. Someone found the purse and returned it to me but there was no way i wanted to use it after was tainted because of the violation of my home and property.
    I think i would feel much the same way if my town was taken over...i don’t think i would have the heart to rebuild...or even to start a new town.

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    This will be the final chapter in this saga, more as a record of events for others who may experience the ugly side of this game.

    My town is fully rebuilt, I have managed to build up 520 tcash in this period, ingots is back around 30 each, emeralds from nothing to 43.

    Rejoined my reformed coop. Currently doing my first regatta since the hacker broke into my game.

    Playrix Support continues to peddle that their game is safe from intrusion and it be must some vulnerability I introduced. The journey with Support, went from aloof to supportive back to aloof again. It was their advice that they would restore the game at a previous point. Yet in that process they botched it and I lost more stuff out of my town. They don’t even acknowledge any error on their part.

    As to my claims to restore my missing items, nothing, zlitch has been even entertained by them. You know they could simply offer 500 tcash for my woes, but even this is beyond them.

    My game cannot connect to Facebook, so it renders my game non playable on another device.

    Support has now chosen not to respond to my requests over the past 5 days. The communication is one way to them and nothing back. I have been civil, my language was measured without any profanity or abuse.

    Support is a token gesture, it is luck of the draw. Do you feel lucky?

    As for me, well things have changed, whilst everything is “back to normal”, my enthusiasm is not back.

    My days of playing Playrix games are numbered.

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    Wow Leo. You've certainly been busy these last couple of weeks. Hope that even though this whole experience must leave a very nasty taste in your mouth, you manage to feel some satisfaction about what you've (re-)achieved.

    I don't get why you can't connect to Facebook (not a question, it's just strange to me). Could you try creating a new FB game account and see if that works, or do you just not have the option to connect at all?

    I can understand that you can't feel enthusiastic about any Playrix game anymore after the way you've been treated, and your story should serve as a warning to others who may experience something similar.

    Nothing more I can really say except I'm sorry this happened to you, sorry we couldn't do anything to help, totally disgusted by Playrix's response, and I hope if you do stop playing Township, you find another game which is better supported, or another pastime which you enjoy more. Best wishes to you

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    leo, I can understand very well that your "enthusiasm is not back". The way Playrix treated you - and others before in that situation, who posted here - even influenced my pleasure of the game.
    So sorry to hear that story, and I wish you as much fun as possible in playing the game - maybe with the *people* you "meet" in your Coop - as long as possible.

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