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Thread: Unable to log into game. As it is saying the game is running on another device

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    Quote Originally Posted by leo1200 View Post
    My stats upon abandonment

    Level 261
    Tcash 4518, but this is now 2000, as the hacker is spending for his own pleasure.
    Coins 24 million

    Coop stats before the hacker kicked all members out and shut it down. 55 Gold, 35 Silver, 17 Bronze. Gone from Playrix history.
    Coop members discarded, some who were the from the beginning of the coop concept.
    I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you leo!
    And again it's a High-Level-Town that's affected. A town with large barn space, much t-cash and attractive target for the hackers. And it's the same method as always, with kicking every member out of the coop and shutting it down.

    Quote Originally Posted by leo1200 View Post
    I sincerely apologize for the problem you’re having. There’s good news though: our dev team is already aware of it and working on a fix. It might take some time before we get it all figured out though.

    We'll do our best to prevent issues like this from coming up in the future, but in the meantime, many thanks for your patience and understanding!
    Thank you for sharing this response leo! Even though it doesn't give an information about when the problem will be solved, it nevertheless shows, that this problem is not totally ignored as it seemed recently. So that gives a little hope :-)
    Please keep us updated leo.
    And I'm hoping with all my heart, that there will be a happy end for you and your town :-*

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    I'm more the suspicious type, so I'd say: don't get your hopes too high, everyone, until we can be sure that not someone just sent the wrong boilerplate.

    As much as I'd hope for a better solution for leo than they didn't have for boby (and the other guys we never heard of again either): when I see "your problem" and the vague future plus "patience and understanding"... big hm. I will believe it when I see it.
    Fingers crossed, of course, leo!

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    Leo, not sure if you already thought about it but keep your game open and keep your device plugged in to ensure Township will stay alive. This way you make sure the hacker cannot gain access again while Playrix is solving the problem.
    Graylady, Forum member since may 2014 --- Playing on Android, not on Facebook
    Township level 206, Zoo 194 animals, --- coop #HHPY84

    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    Checked my town this morning, all remaining 2000 tcash has been wiped out, and the town has been trashed.

    Everything sellable has been sold. All building are gone, every collection also gone. All the roads removed. Town now at 7200 population.

    Barn of 7000 items all gone, all mine ore gone, all ingots, 50 of each, power saws, drills, jackhammer all gone, barn was close to another upgrade all those items gone.

    Hundreds of Royal Poinciana and Rhododendrons planted, I guess to represent flames burning the town down.

    Yes now I am done.

    Stark reminder that internet is troll’s haven for all those faceless losers who do such crime, gutless and also a bigger reminder is look into who the maker is of the product you are installer on your device. Russia, China and the like are noted paradises for hackers and unethical dollar grab merchants like the maker of this product.

    I am more angry that we’re others copped this experience and yet nothing has been done, $$$$$$$$, now my turn and nothing will be done. Past behaviour is usually the precursor for future behaviour.

    My coop had a FB page, I have now left the group.

    Start with nothing, leave with nothing. Makes a great motto that Playrix can freely use, royalty free!
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    oh my ... no words for that. huggss, leo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leo1200 View Post
    Checked my town this morning, all remaining 2000 tcash has been wiped out, and the town has been trashed.

    Everything sellable has been sold. All building are gone, every collection also gone.

    Yes now I am done.
    Oh no
    That's really sad news, I'm so sorry to hear that. :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by SumSum View Post
    Oh no
    That's really sad news, I'm so sorry to hear that. :-(
    When I settle down, will post images of my town before and after this intruder found his way in.

    I have now abandoned the game.

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    Very sorry to hear that Leo (and extremely angry as well). And maybe the worst part is that now your town is trashed the hacker will probably just move on because it's no "fun" for him/her anymore.

    Just wondered if you'd managed to your co-op know what happened, or if there's any way any of us could try to get a message to them, or anything else we can do to help?

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    JJay, the coop was known as Leotown, i was the leader. When the hacker arrived he kicked them all out and shut down the coop. We had 55 Gold / 35 Silver / 17 Bronze cups. All gone now. The team reformed as New Leotown, i joined it, only for the hacker to force exit me. Anyway the team knows whats going on. Word of mouth can be toxic for any organisation or game.

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    My town : Leotown use to look like this







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