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    why is township always night and the weather is always clean and there’s no rain no storm and...:confused:
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    Hi adidaz
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    And your idea is.... a Weather and Season machine?

    The first image in my mind is the Video of Kate Bush's 'Cloudbusting'.
    Ever seen it?
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    It is just something the developers did not add. Could be that coding something like would take up a bit more storage space. It is also a worldwide game so trying to get it set up for every time zone would be tricky. Weather for the seasons would be fun...but again...extra layer of code.

    Unfortunately these ideas have not only been suggested (a lot), but shot down by the creators of the game...see here.

    Check this post out for Nevada's idea of what night mode would look is pretty!
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    Nevada, what have you done! That night mode picture is magical...I want one lol...
    So ok it's not gonna happen...but pavements with street lights, car headlights, braking lights, pelican crossings...oh it would glitter...

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