Like the OP, I waste a lot of time and barnspace trying to help team-mates.
By the time I've visited to find out what's needed, returned home to harvest/collect from shelves/search market/buy from Raja the request has often already been filled by a higher level player. The items they no longer need then clog up my already overfilled barn.
It would really help team-mates earn clover if train/plane/zoo requests were shown in the same way as requests for goods.
To help team-mates doing seasonal fill crates tasks many players list what they need in chat to help the teammates gather supplies and be ready waiting for the ! to be placed. It's cumbersome, a lot of extra effort and clutters up the chat .
If putting a picture with quantities of what teammate needs instead of the green visit button isn't easy to code, how about an extra tab on the co-op board that acts like a cross between the zoo order board and Raja where players could show what they need help with before placing the help '!'.