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Thread: Black screen with music

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    Black screen with music

    For two days I've had nothing but a black screen with music when I try to play.

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    I'm having the same problem

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    Freezes my screen. Now I cant even lof in. :/

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    Does anybody read these glitches? Or do they not care? I was at a difficult level when it went down. I was just about to spend money to pass it.

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    I have been having the same problem for almost a week. I complained directly to support and they said I need to try playing it on Mozilla, not Chrome, and I told the tech support person that the game wasn't so important to me that I was going to change browsers. I had more important things to do. If all of you would send a message directly to support, maybe they would realize it's a game problem and not a browser problem.

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    If you can't send a report from the game (because it freezes or crashes, etc.) you should use this online form to contact them.

    As this forum consists of other players, no one here can directly help you with this issue. You must contact support, give them all information about the problem that you can, and make sure to reply to any automated responses you get.
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